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Solid Wood
Stains and Finishes


Brushwork Maple

Brushwork Maple begins with carefully selected solid Ambrosia Maple. This maple was once home to the Ambrosia Beetle. Insects and soil conditions are natural contributors to the unique characteristics of every tree. These factors do not compromise the structural integrity of this distinctive wood. Next we incorporate our creative texturing technique. During the preparation of materials we use a special acclimatizing pre-treatment procedure. We then meticulously add our unique hand applied “BRUSHED” distressing technique. The end result is a distinctly modern-rustic appearance reminiscent of warm windswept prairie lands. Not only does this enhance the beauty, it provides a durable user friendly surface that gives every piece a personality of its’ own.

Brushwork Maple Buffalo Finish
Brushwork Buffalo
Brushwork Maple Oyster Finish
Brushwork Oyster
Brushwork Maple Flint Finish
Brushwork Flint
Brushwork Maple Peppercorn Finish
Brushwork Peppercorn
Brushwork Maple Mocha Finish
Brushwork Mocha
Brushwork Maple Saddle Finish
Brushwork Saddle
Brushwork Maple Moonlight Finish
Brushwork Moonlight
Brushwork Maple Wheat Finish
Brushwork Wheat

Heritage Maple

Heritage Maple comes from the same trees as our standard Maple. The only difference is that this Maple was also once home to the Ambrosia Beetle. Insects and soil conditions affect the appearance of every tree. The markings left behind from this insect provide a look that is as personal as the tree itself. The naturally formed network of tunnels and cradles with dark streaks gives the wood a decorative effect. The structural integrity is not compromised. Due to its’ natural beauty, you will find this Maple used in everything from musical instruments to salad bowls. Combined with our special, hand-planed technique, we create a hand-hewn look reminiscent of the rough, time-worn appearance of old barn timbers. Every piece is truly “One-of-a-kind”.

Heritage Maple Barley Finish
Heritage Barley
Heritage Maple Nutmeg Finish
Heritage Nutmeg
Heritage Maple Barnboard Finish
Heritage Barnboard
Heritage Maple Platinum Finish
Heritage Platinum
Heritage Maple Charcoal Finish
Heritage Charcoal
Heritage Maple Rawhide Finish
Heritage Rawhide
Heritage Maple Driftwood Finish
Heritage Driftwood
Leaves Shadow

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