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Cardinal Woodcraft

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Locally Sourced, Custom Made

Cardinal Woodcraft Inc. began as a small furniture manufacturer in Elmira, Ontario. Today, they are still in the same area, but now have a large distribution throughout Canada.


They produce a wide range of designs and even have a separate brand, Oslo Furniture, which features Scandinavian inspired furniture. This includes pieces that are highly functional with clean lines, light colours, and minimalistic designs.


Cardinal specializes in custom solid wood tables, chairs, and side-boards. From rustic kitchen tables to elaborate boardroom tables, they can create pieces of all shapes and sizes. Locally sourced wood gives a wide selection to choose from, without the shipping costs associated with imported wood. Each piece is custom designed and hand made by local Mennonite craftspeople.


Featured Collections

The Tuscany Collection features Art Deco inspired designs and dark wood finishes to really make a statement in any setting. The Simo Collection is one of the products from the Oslo Furniture collection. It has a minimalistic design and very clean edges. It is guaranteed to bring a sense of Scandinavia to your home.

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