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Crafted for Life


What started as a one-man woodworking shop has now grown into a well-known manufacturer of quality furniture.

Crafted For Life

Based in Wallenstein, Ontario, Handstone began their business in 1999 and remains family-owned to this day. By combining new and old they stay ahead of the curve and always build stand-out pieces. They still hand select the cherry, maple, and red oak used for their custom solid wood pieces, but now a CAD (computer aided design) system is used to ensure that every piece is designed with precision. The wood is still hand sanded, but now the finish is applied using advanced technologies like post-catalyzed vinyl sealers and post-catalyzed conversion varnish. Investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment is important to Handstone – almost as much as the attention to detail that comes with quality craftsmanship.


100% Canadian Sourced

Each and every piece of furniture that carries the Handstone name is designed and built in Canada. This allows you to choose from a variety of wood types, designs, and features. As each piece is custom built the options are endless with what you can create from Canadian solid wood.


One of the most important initiatives to Handstone is sustainability. They source all their raw materials from Canadian forests and all the craftspeople are local. This boosts the Canadian economy and gives money back to the community.


By building furniture that lasts for generations, instead of having to replace cheaper pieces every few years, less waste is cluttering the landfills. The sawdust created during manufacturing is recycled for livestock bedding and the scrap wood is used to heat homes. Used solvents are recycled to reduce the waste sent to MOE (Ministry of the Environment) certified processors. Additionally, solar heat and cogeneration of electricity are used during the finishing process to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted.

It's In the Details

The Handstone finishing process is the key to the colour difference you’ll see with the finished products. The raw material is carefully inspected to ensure there are no imperfections before applying the colour. Once the dye is sprayed, it is hand wiped to create an even colour. The sealer is colour matched and post-catalyzed, and then the varnish is post-catalyzed as well. This means that a reaction is created between the sealer and varnish, causing a tight bind on the molecular level between the two – making the finish durable and chemical resistant.


Handstone’s Collections range from rustic to contemporary, and can include details like English dovetail drawers and touch dimmer lighting. The Laguna Collection features eclectic metal work fused with solid wood to create a sense of calm, while venturing away from the ordinary. The Rafters Collection embodies a rustic design; clean lines, battered iron handles, and inspired by barn timber, this collection is bold and comforting.

Leaves Shadow

Looking for Canadian made 100% solid wood furniture? Contact us to find your perfect piece to complete your home.


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