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Make Every Night Feel Like Date Night With A Canadian Made Dining Set

Even during lockdown you can still get great prices on all our Canadian solid wood furniture.

All of our Dining Collections are on sale throughout January!

The holidays were definitely different this past year, but now is the time to give way to fresh beginnings and add a touch of elegance to your dining room.

With over 20 different collections to choose from, finding that perfect piece will be the easiest part of January!

Which dining set suits you best?

Dark stain or natural wood? Contemporary classic or rustic charm? And don’t forget the table legs – these are often the most outstanding features of the whole table!

Have a look at the Pemberton Collection by Handstone. These pieces use the natural beauty of the British Columbia landscape to inspire their designs. Custom metal hardware and sculpted edges highlight the unique features of the wood itself.

The Tuscany Collection from Cardinal offers a single pedestal table which showcases elegant curved designs, bringing a touch of Art Deco to your dining room.

All collections are fully customized. Choose from a wide selection of table sizes, including a leaf to give you more space when you need it. Your chairs are also custom – choose the style, bare wood or upholstered, and select the fabric and finish of each chair.

We are closed until January 23rd, but purchases can still be made. Contact us with any questions about our available collections.


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