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Reasons Why Wormy Maple Wood Furniture is Popular

wormy maple wood
Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

People who love wooden furniture know there's a lot to choose from with so many different styles and wood species. Furniture made from wormy maple is one of the most unique choices and has an appealing aesthetic.

No two pieces of wormy maple wood furniture will look the same, and that's part of the appeal! Any furniture made from this particular wood is also highly durable and cost-effective.

Wormy maple is the perfect choice if you're looking for a unique, durable, and cost-effective wood for your next end table or bookshelf. Let's dive into the specifics about this wood and what qualities make it ideal for furniture.

What is Wormy Maple?

Wormy maple, sometimes referred to as Ambrosia maple, is a type of soft maple that originates in North America. This wood is excellent for furniture because of its flexibility compared to other woods.

Wormy maple is specifically sorted and selected to highlight the path left behind by Ambrosia beetles. These tiny black beetles live in maple trees and deposit their larvae throughout the tree.

The larvae will burrow further into the tree, creating wormholes and discoloration. This leads to gray, brown, and black streaks throughout wormy maple wood, and this discoloration makes it so unique!

The Ambrosia beetles never follow the same path across different trees, so the streaks of discoloration and mineral deposits you find in wormy maple wood will look very different on each piece of furniture made from it.

Wormy maple wood has the same light tan color as other soft maples, but also has brown, gray, or black streaks throughout the wood. These streaks result from discoloration from the Ambrosia beetles, and you'll often find small beetle holes in this type of wood as well.

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What is Wormy Maple Wood Good For?

wooden laptop stand on a wooden desk
Photo by ergonofis on Unsplash

The varied streaks and coloration of wormy maple wood make it the perfect choice for handcrafted furniture. Plenty of pieces will immediately draw your eye when made of wormy maple, and this wood can be used in other ways in your home.

Wormy maple is great for flooring in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or any other room in your home. The wood is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, and the unique coloration of this wood will help it match any aesthetic in your room.

This type of wood is also great for handcrafted furniture pieces such as dressers, end tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, and so much more! Realistically, you could turn wormy maple wood into any piece of furniture you want, and it will always have a unique look.

Another great use for wormy maple wood is guitars! This wood is excellent for guitars because it's relatively easy to work with and creates a unique-looking instrument that will undoubtedly draw a crowd's eye.

Why Wormy Maple is Popular

There are many reasons why wormy maple is a popular choice of wood. The most obvious reason is its aesthetics. This wood is usually a light tan but can also come in darker shades.

No two pieces of wormy maple will ever look the same, thanks to the work of Ambrosia beetles. These little beetles create streaks of gray, brown, and black discoloration throughout the wood. There are also tiny holes in this wood left behind by the beetles that make a truly unique appearance.

It's not only wormy maple's unique appearance that makes it a popular choice for furniture. Let's look at the other reasons this type of wood is so popular.


Wormy maple is actually softer than most hardwoods used to make furniture. However, that works to its advantage because the wood can absorb stains easily, making for beautiful finishes.

Wormy maple uniquely combines softness and durability. It's excellent for use as coffee tables, dressers, end tables, or any other furniture that receives everyday use.

There is a Janka hardness scale in the world of woodworking. This scale measures how durable a piece of wood is. A sample of a wood species is tested to see how well it can resist normal wear and tear. The higher the number is, the more durable that wood species is.

Wormy maple has a Janka hardness rating of 950. This sets it in the perfect range to be used for furniture, and it can also be used for flooring in non-commercial areas. A rating of 950 shows that wormy maple is sufficiently durable but still malleable enough to create handcrafted pieces and furniture.


One of the most significant factors people tend to think of when buying new furniture is the cost. When looking for handcrafted wooden furniture, it's reasonable to assume that you're spending more than you would through a big-name retailer.

Wormy maple wood is one of the lowest costing woods to work with. Due to its unique appearance and the small beetle holes, this lumber is often sold for a fraction of the price of similar woods.

Online retailers will sell wormy maple for as little as $3.00 per board feet. For a different type of maple wood, you could look at prices between $6-9 per board feet! Going with wormy maple will be a huge money saver if you're buying a considerable amount to create some unique furniture or floor your living room.

maple leaves on maple table
Photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

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Wormy maple, also known as Ambrosia maple, is a popular wooden furniture choice. This wood is a type of soft maple and has an incredibly unique appearance. Ambrosia beetles leave discolored grey, brown, or black streaks throughout the lumber, along with tiny beetle holes.

No two pieces of wormy maple wood will look the same, making them the perfect choice for handcrafted furniture. This wood is supple enough to work with easily and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. The price is right, so the next time you consider a new piece of wooden furniture, check out some wormy maple options!


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